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30 Signs in 30 Days - Las Vegas

The history of the world has been visually documented ever since humanity began. From the wall etchings of Egyptian hieroglyphics and Lord Kitchener’s patriotic ‘Your Country Needs You’ First World War poster, to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the famous Hollywood hill sign, there is a rich tapestry of visual communication that tells us about the past, while also shaping the world we live in today and in the future.

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30 Signs in 30 Days - Paris Métropolitan

In an era of transparency, you cn have innovation without branding, but you cannot have branding without innovation. 

- Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP Group 

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30 Signs in 30 Days - Route 66

"Things don't have to change the world to be important"                                                        

- Steve Jobs, Apple

History of Route 66...

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30 Signs in 30 Days - The London Tube Map

Is there a more multi-faceted form of visual communication than signage? A sign can inform, promote, direct, identify and honour. A sign can save a life. Some signs even transcend to become icons themselves. That’s why we believe signage sits at the top of the visual communications tree. You only have to look at the history of signage to see why; from its humble beginnings as paint on a wall and a carving in stone, to the birth of neon signage in the 20th century to today’s highly creative modern applications. Signage may have evolved, but its visual communications power remains as strong and relevant as ever.

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Smart wallpaper’ which absorbs light could help power home

Workplace of the future could have 'smart wallpaper' which harvests ambient light, even in dim conditions  ‘Smart wallpaper’ which absorbs light and heat to help power homes could be available in the next few years, after scientists invented ultra-thin flexible solar panels.

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