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Signbox has won a gold award in the decals category of the FESPA Awards 2017

Recognised during the FESPA Awards Gala Dinner on Wednesday May 10th at the Grand Elysee Hotel in Hamburg, Signbox’s Hachette project impressed the judges amidst a strong field. “This is a great example of the best of both worlds,” one judge commented. “Print and contour cut to ease production and application, with the appearance of vinyl cut lettering.”

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As the weather brightens – could your signage have more spring in its step?

How has your business’s external signage weathered the winter? Find our handy checklist to ensure that your signs are working as hard for your business as you are.

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Why wouldn’t you want to come into work?

Thanks to technology, remote working has never been easier, and as increasing numbers of employees take advantage of this, how can companies avoid losing their sense of shared identity and encourage their people back into the office?

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What's in a sign?

The tension between form and functionality is a constant trend in architecture and construction, with Apple’s much publicised new HQ in Cupertino, California a notable example. A company that so jealously guards its brand identity and places such high importance on its “look” will always face a challenge in assuring necessary functionality. When it comes to its electronic products, Apple has honed this into a fine art – leading the market on both counts – but can a construction project be managed in quite the same way?

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Signposting the Agile Workspace

With office space costs soaring and technology making remote working more possible than ever before, more and more companies are designing flexible, or “agile” workplaces to accommodate the modern workforce.

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